Europeans: Attend The Monday Meeting This Week

We are in that time of the year where we get timezone dislocation because the DST rules of the US and Europe don’t match. (For a while they were almost synced up, and then the US passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the DST changes of which made little difference to energy consumption but inconvenienced a whole load of people.)

However, that does mean that the Mozilla Monday Meeting is an hour earlier – i.e., at 6pm UK time, instead of the usual 7pm, and 7pm Western European time, instead of the usual 8pm. Hopefully, this week at least, it might be a bit more accessible for people.

I would encourage Europeans who don’t normally take part in the meeting to take advantage and do so this week, via Air Mozilla. If you haven’t joined the meeting live for a year or so, you will be pleasantly surprised at the format, audio and video improvements which have been made.

2 thoughts on “Europeans: Attend The Monday Meeting This Week

  1. I take it from your comments now, and yours from Air meetings a while ago that they reduced the insane video resolution? Whenever I joined in, video was impossible, audio fragmented..
    I wonder if it’s worth having a low bandwidth audio-only stream so more people can follow along on mobiles, etc.

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