bugzilla.mozilla.org Reaches Half A Million Attachments

Just before the end of 2010, Robert O’Callahan uploaded a four line patch, entitled “updated test”, to bug 601064. To those CCed on the bug, this didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.

This patch was, however, noteworthy, because it was the 500,000th attachment in bugzilla.mozilla.org. With the exception of a tiny number of bits of spam, each of those patches represents a significant contribution – patch, testcase, log, document – at some point over the past nearly-13 years to making the web a better place. Awesome :-)

One thought on “bugzilla.mozilla.org Reaches Half A Million Attachments

  1. …which means on average about 5 attachments for every 6 bugs. Of course that’s only an average — a mathematical abstraction — : there are “forgotten bugs” or bugs soon resolved DUPLICATE, INVALID, WONTFIX, INCOMPLETE, whatever, which never get any attachment, while some others may have a “good” and a “bad” screenshots, a testcase, several successive “work-in-progress” trials at a patch, maybe even a stack dump posted as attachment (as the BMO rules prescribe) rather than inline (as Josh “timeless” Soref prefers) etc. Yet if I’d had to guess I would have thought the average A/B wasn’t that high.

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