Time Tracking in bugzilla.mozilla.org

Recently, two groups (one from Adobe and one from Mozilla Mobile) have asked for better facilities to track people’s work time on bugzilla.mozilla.org. Bugzilla does have a time-tracking function; however, it is quite UI-heavy, so we did not want to enable it globally. Bugzilla’s UI is already complex enough :-)

So, we have decided to enable it only for members of a particular group, the “timetrackers” group. People at Adobe and members of the Fennec team are automatically members, but no-one else is. In this way, we keep the extra UI complexity contained to those who want it.

However, we don’t want Bugzilla to contain information not accessible to the community (other than by specific policy, such as our security policy, or company-internal information). So we want to make it clear that anyone with the “editbugs” privilege can ask to be made a member of the “timetrackers” Bugzilla group, without needing to give a reason. Then, they can get the extra time-tracking UI on all bug views, and see what the Tamarin and Mobile teams are doing with it. We don’t expect many people to want to do this, but we think it’s important that it’s possible :-)

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  1. I’d be interested in seeing this. Bugzilla e-mail address is the one I’ve submitted here and it has editbugs.

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