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This morning I made 70 individual checkins, which added about 300 additional names to the Mozilla Credits list – which (AFAIK) is accessible as about:credits in every desktop browser ever shipped by Mozilla – and will be so in the upcoming Firefox 4. There was a flood of applications because someone emailed all Mozilla Corporation employees suggesting that if they were not already included, they send a message requesting inclusion.

This is the public counterpart of that message. If you have “made a significant investment of time, with useful results, into Mozilla project-governed activities”, then head over to the page, scroll to the bottom, and follow the instructions for getting your name added.

5 thoughts on “Credits List

  1. I think perhaps it is time to make up a webform to submit this rather than trying to do this via email. I could not exactly figure out exactly what you needed to be submitted here. A form could result in submissions in a common format which I think would help in evaluating the submissions.

  2. Bill: That’s what the email link at the bottom of about:credits is. It had an improperly-escaped ampersand, which is perhaps why your email program had trouble with it. I’ll fix that ASAP.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here, but I think the about:credits in Firefox should ONLY show people have have made useful contributions to the browser. I’m sorry, but a Mozilla web developer doesn’t have anything to do with the browser. But whatever, I’m just a nobody. =)

  4. geeknik: ‘the browser’ has fuzzy edges. If someone works all day keeping the automated update process working so people get security updates on time, does that count? Or if they build a support website? Or write web developer documentation so people can use Firefox’s capabilities in building great websites?

    The edges are going to be fuzzy wherever they are drawn, but trying to draw them around “the browser” is particularly difficult. You also have a big historical problem – for the first 5 years of Mozilla’s life, the browser and the email client were all one product. How would you separate out the email-only contributors from that period?

  5. In your list you have two members of the Frenchmozilla team listed twice, once with accented letters, once without:

    Benoit Leseul, Benoît Leseul,
    Cedric Corazza, Cédric Corazza

    (The correct spelling is with the accented letters of course)

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