BMO Upgraded to 4.0

As many of you will have noticed, has been upgraded to Bugzilla 4.0. This upgrade brings many new features, but also a number of extensions implementing long-desired capabilities:

  • Splinter – Review Board-style code review
  • Component Watching
  • SecureMail – encrypted bugmail for security bugs

One caveat: don’t go converting all of your generic-QA-contact-watching to Component Watching just yet, because it doesn’t respect email preferences yet and so you will be deluged with “CC” mail.

We plan to roll out SecureMail group by group, starting with a small group (my suggestion is to begin with the Bugzilla software security group). However, following a suggestion from justdave, once my patch is checked in anyone will be able to protect their password reset mail just by adding a private key to their SecureMail preferences.

Please continue to file bugs on any issues you find – here’s the tracking bug.

One thought on “BMO Upgraded to 4.0

  1. I haven’t done a real review with it yet, but Splinter looks great.

    The new advanced search page is a big improvement, too!

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