6 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. My bank booked a transaction this year on Feb 29. (I want to see the code for this.)

  2. @Archaeopteryx: If it was in 2008 it’s possible

    @J.Ruderman: 07 octal is still 7, so no change unless 2011 is also octal (meaning decimal 1033, a generation or more before William the Lame of Normandy crossed the Channel and made himself the Conqueror). I doubt it though: English-speaking peoples knew nothing of California back then. :-D

  3. If you think package delivery date predictions are amusing, you should try copying a big fat directory tree full of files using Windows Explorer sometime.

    > Not my government…

    Oh, like the English government is completely different, a veritable bastion of sensible and efficient operation. Please.

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