Domesday Screencast

Domesday is, as readers of this blog will know, the software I am writing to drive a Mozilla community phone book. I’ve done a screencast which demonstrates the Domesday user interface, and explains some of the key design principles and the features which support them:

(Ogg Vorbis video preferred to WebM because that’s the original format and the quality is better.)

In hindsight, the narration may sound a bit patronising; I hope you’ll excuse me. It’s not as high-energy as the Firefox videos :-) I’d love to hear your feedback. And if you are interested in Domesday, sign up and we’ll tell you when we’ve got something you can test.

3 thoughts on “Domesday Screencast

  1. Looks really useful. Do you think about using microformats for the personal data NOR contacts?


  2. Bogo: sure, that shouldn’t be too hard to do. (I assume you mean hcard). Is there any software which actually notices them?


  3. Yes I am talking about Hcard. It will be cool if we have it. I think Google is working well with it.

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