Planet Visibility…

I’ve been told that my blog posts are popping to the top of Planet Mozilla every time someone adds a comment. While I hope what I write is interesting, I promise this is not a desperate bid for more publicity. We suspect that the recent Movable Type upgrade for the MozillaZine weblog server has something to do with it (although we’re not saying it’s got a bug rather than the Planet software). It’s being looked into. In the mean time, please bear with us :-)

7 thoughts on “Planet Visibility…

  1. Not sure it’s related to the update ; that’s a rather old bug on your blog.

  2. Glad this is getting sorted. While I too am passionate about the issues that were being highlighted, it was crowding out other relevant news being posted to the planet.

  3. Hm. Must be for some people not others, but what makes the difference? SeaMonkey 2.5a1 (trunk) sees only one feed each on and and AFAICT once an article has appeared in the “News & Blogs” section of my mailer, it stays there, and doesn’t move up or down.

  4. You should be adding a new comment every hour to this post to keep it pinned to the top of Planet Mozilla in order to explain… why it’s on the top of Planet Mozilla.

    R E C U R S I O N


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