Bugzilla 700,000 Bug Sweepstake

It’s that time again! :-) The bugzilla.mozilla.org bug database will soon hit another major milestone and again, as is traditional, I’m running a sweepstake on exactly when that will be. Although you should enter just FTW, we are also giving Mozilla gear as prizes – a backpack for the winner, and a t-shirt for 2nd and 3rd.

So please email me using this link, filling in the date and time you think bug 700,000 will be filed. As the link suggests, your entry should be on the first line of your email, and formatted as follows:

2010-09-08 06:54:32 bugzilla-id@example.com

All times are in ZST (‘Zilla Standard Time, a.k.a. Pacific Time, as displayed in Bugzilla timestamps unless you’ve changed a pref), and the email address must be your Bugzilla ID. If you prefer to be contacted on a different address, add that as well, on the end of the same line in brackets. We have ample graphs and charts (requires editbugs) to help you with your assessment. But if you can’t be bothered to do any research and analysis, just guess optimistically and hope!

This is a Mozilla community event. To keep it that way, entrants must have a Bugzilla account on bugzilla.mozilla.org created before the end of July 2011, and which has done something useful in the past six months. I’ll check those who are closest, and keep discarding entries until I find one which meets these criteria. Therefore, there’s no point posting this to Slashdot or any other non-Mozilla-focussed news source.

The judge’s decision is final, and any funny business regarding the filing of bugs on or around the 700,000 mark will be frowned upon. The closing date for entries is midday ZST on Wednesday 31st August 2011.

6 thoughts on “Bugzilla 700,000 Bug Sweepstake

  1. Hm… is the “600000” in the mailto: link some kind of sneaky anti-bot measure? ;-)

  2. Ok, let’s see whether my incredibly advanced linear interpolation skills will do it again :)

    Mind sharing some historical participation numbers? I actually find it surprising that I managed to get into top3 with my lame predictions two times in a row.

  3. 700,000 Bug Sweepstake: Last Chance To Enter

    Today’s the last day for entries to the Bugzilla 700,000 Bug Sweepstake. Do take a few moments to have a guess at when you think bugzilla.mozilla.org will hit bug 700,000. Fame and Mozilla schwag await!…

  4. I’ve sent my guess now. Mine is pretty basic, I’m going by linear prediction adjusted by tendency. The adjustment I did is totally unscientific, just something I thought is plausible.

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