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After eight years of kind hosting at MozillaZine, I have now moved this blog to its own host. Many thanks to Kerz and the crew :-) They are now trying to ease their way out of the blog hosting business, and I appreciate their patience while I got my act together.

I have imported all the old posts and comments, and made quite a bit of effort to make sure all links still work – even those from 2004/2005 when Movable Type generated pages with names like 005643.html. MozillaZine just sends everything to, and the mapping happens on my side. This work was made substantially easier by the “Canonical URLs” feature of WordPress, so thanks to Mark Jaquith. I’ve also switched my FeedBurner feed over, so people using that shouldn’t see any differences (although the last 10 or 15 posts might get duplicated in some clients. If you are subscribing to this blog, please use that feed.

If you find a broken link somewhere on the web or an a post here, please let me know and I will look into it.

The look and feel is vaguely the same; my time to work on that was limited.

One thought on “Blog Moved

  1. Well, the advantages from my perspective are: the URL is much easier to remember, and the RSS feed now works properly in my phone feed reader. No idea why the MozillaZine version was so problematic, but hey. Now following your blog will be somewhat more convenient for me, so cheers for that.

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