Firefox Tablet Testing Idea

Do you have an Android tablet for testing Firefox Mobile, but never seem to get around to using it? If so, here’s a suggestion. Switch your feed reading to Google Reader or some other online aggregator (it imports OPML), and read your feeds on it each morning. As you follow interesting links, this will expose you to a variety of websites and you can file bugs as necessary. For bonus points, bookmark the bug filing page on the tablet and use it for bug filing too.

I’ve been doing that for the last week and have already filed six or seven bugs – including at least one encountered during the bug submission process!

4 thoughts on “Firefox Tablet Testing Idea

  1. Is there any good online feed reader that is not done by the empire that monitors all my Android doings already? I’d like to at least spread my usage across different providers, even better would be privacy-respecting open tools, but those might not exist yet. :(

  2. This is a great idea! I may very well do this :)

    Is there any way to enable Firefox to squeeze zoomed text into the visible screen? Other browsers (default Android, Opera, etc.) support doing this, but I’ve found with Firefox I often have to switch to landscape mode to be able to read a full line without scrolling.

  3. I dislike feed readers as they all monitor your readings.
    In Desktop Firefox I like the live bookmarks a lot for that reason. I find them faster than readers also because they’re not a webpage, so it’s instant.

    Unfortunately this feature does not exists on Fennec. Moreover, Sync’d live bookmarks point to nowhere.

    That being said, while Fennec is very fast on my SGS2 it’s very very slow on my Galaxy Tab, making browsing a pain.

  4. Ian: yeah, in the preferences panel there’s the option “Reformat text on zoom” that does what you want to when you double-tab a block of text. Hope that helps.

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