Appearances Matter

[A]ppearances matter. Programmers, in particular, often don’t like to believe this. Their love of substance over form is almost a point of professional pride. It’s no accident that so many programmers exhibit an antipathy for marketing and public relations work, nor that professional graphic designers are often horrified at what programmers come up with on their own.

— Karl Fogel, Producing Open Source Software

2 thoughts on “Appearances Matter

  1. Okay, everyone who ever used a nine-pin dot-matrix printer to produce multi-page printouts of ASCII art to hang on the wall, raise your hand…

  2. I did! But before that, I used a 132-hammer line printer to produce multi-page alphanumeric art (not ASCII, that was a 6-bit mainframe) on green-and-white-striped zigzag paper. Much better-looking, especially after reversing the paper feed to use the white backside.

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