Summer of Code 2012

Google has announced that they will be running the Summer of Code again this year, 2012. The Mozilla Project has had the honour of participating in every SoC so far, and intends to submit a request to take part again. This means we need to produce a list of suitable student projects in the next four weeks.

For those who are not familiar with it, Summer of Code is where Google pays students to work on free software projects – as long as those projects can provide support and a mentor for the particular task the student is undertaking. This is a great opportunity for us as a project to introduce new people to Mozilla, and for you as an individual to get new people involved in your team :-) In the past, it has been the source of major features of our flagship products. For example, the 3D web page debugging tool Tilt started life as a SoC project.

It doesn’t matter where in Mozilla you contribute. We are collecting project ideas for every part of the project – Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, SeaMonkey, Bugzilla, L10n, NSS, B2G, IT and many more. Can you think of an 8-week-sized task you might be able to guide a student through?

If you have a proposal, head over to the Brainstorming page, which is our idea development scratchpad. Please read the instructions at the top – following them vastly increases your chances of your idea getting added to the formal Ideas page.

Note that, in order to have much chance of going ahead, ideas need to have a suitable mentor. So if you submit an idea and you aren’t available to or suitable to mentor it, you may want to go about trying to find one by politely emailing experienced hackers in the appropriate areas of the code.

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