On The Internet, No-one Need Know You’re Unstructured

Consider this: the only thing anyone knows about you on the Internet comes from what you write, or what others write about you. You may be brilliant, perceptive, and charismatic in person—but if your emails are rambling and unstructured, people will assume that’s the real you. Or perhaps you really are rambling and unstructured in person, but no one need ever know it, if your posts are lucid and informative.

— Karl Fogel, Producing Open Source Software

One thought on “On The Internet, No-one Need Know You’re Unstructured

  1. That thing still contrasts “you are” and “on the internet” as if the internet was somehow less important. But is it? I couldn’t care less about how structured you are in your living room, but if you screw up things on the internet, my browser or its community sucks.

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