GSoC 2012 Project List

The Google Summer of Code kicked off two weeks ago, and I am pleased to list the 18 projects being done under the Mozilla banner. This is a 50% increase on last year; we are very grateful to Google for being so generous with slots. The name of each student is linked to the location where they will be posting weekly updates on their progress, if you want to follow along with a project you are interested in. (Apart from those students who have not yet sent me this information; consider this a public reminder.) I’m sure they would appreciate any help or advice you have :-) Please make them feel welcome!

Project Student Mentor
Thunderbird: ‘No Reply’ Reminder Han Lin Jonathan Protzenko
Thunderbird: App Tabs Nguyen Ngoc Trung Mike Conley
Calendar: Improve Invitation Support Christian Kulpa Ludovic Marcotte
Dynamic MathML – Support <maction> Andrii Zui Fred Wang
HTML5 and CSS3 Examples on MDN Vikash Agrawal Jean-Yves Perrier
Get ISPDB Into Production Sergio Charpinel Blake Winton
Graphical Timeline of Browser Events Girish Sharma Panos Astithas
Improve Gmail Interoperability Atul Jangra David Bienvenu
Instantbird: Account Import Wizard Will Nayes Florian Qu├Ęze
L10n Tool for Standardization of Terms Gautam Akiwate Philippe Dessante
Meemoo Improvements Vilson Vieira Forrest Oliphant
Native Webapps Support on Linux Marco Castelluccio Felipe Gomes
Networking Dashboard Jiten Thakkar Patrick McManus
OpenBadges Back End Improvements Matthew Ramir Chris McAvoy
Port SuperTux to the Web Xingxing Pan Alon Zakai
Slide Drive Improvements Jeremy Banks Greg Wilson
User-Specified Content Security Policy Kailas Ravsaheb Patil Tanvi Vyas
WebSocket Testing Tool Robert Koch Yvan Boily

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