Is Your Credit Card Stolen?

Some kind people have set up a new site which tells you if your credit card number has been stolen.

Once you’ve used it, you may want to pass it on to any friends who you think would benefit from the info it provides.

10 thoughts on “Is Your Credit Card Stolen?

  1. Or it’s a way to harvest credit card numbers… My corporate firewall reports the site as “phishing”

  2. Judging from the Google search results (for, this site *might* be benevolent, and I see how Gerv might support their cause. That the site transmits the sensitive data over plain HTTP kind of defeats the purpose though…

  3. Once you’ve filled in your credit card details in a random site like that, the answer must be: YES.

    However like Gerv, I suggest you try this site.

    It’s perfectly safe (just check out the in the source)…

  4. I am confident that the probability of anyone stealing my credit card numbers is very low — much lower than average. I am confident about that partly because I majored in math and know how to crunch the numbers but mostly because I do not have, and have not ever had, a credit card.

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