Accepting Zimbra Meeting Invitations

I use Google Calendar, and am very happy with it (I can share it with my wife and vice versa, which is helpful). I use Thunderbird, and use the excellent “Google Calendar Tab” extension. All my Mozilla mail forwards to my own mailserver, and is not stored at Mozilla.

I regularly get meeting invites from Mozilla employees, which are sent out using Mozilla’s Zimbra installation. They come as a plain text summary plus an attached .ics file. How do I make the meeting owner happy by indicating that I am attending?

There’s no link in the email to click to say “I’m coming”. I can’t log into Zimbra, find the message and click “Attending”, because copies of my email are not stored at Mozilla. I could change that, but it seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and anyway, it would be a pain to have to log in and find the mail. Also, it should be a regular occurrence that people not using Mozilla’s Zimbra get invited to Mozilla meetings – what do they do?

I don’t want to switch to using Lightning, and I’m not sure it would solve the problem even if I did.

Is this even possible? Does anyone know?

As a bonus, it would be awesome if I could double-click on the .ics attachment and have it passed to Google Calendar and added to my calendar. Do we yet have the technology for that sort of thing?

It’s even worse when receiving invites from Exchange, which does happen occasionally when I’m on a call run by Microsoft people. That _just_ comes as a icalendar file, and the date and time are not in the plain text, so I have to base64-decode it manually and then read the source and do the timezone maths to work out when the meeting is! I think Lightning handles these better, but as I said, I don’t want to use Lightning…

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  1. > There’s no link in the email to click to say “I’m coming”.

    Changing this seems like a rather obvious approach. Given that it’s a Mozilla service sending these things out, and that there’s already a web-based service involved that knows how to handle accepting the invitation (if you log in and find the thing and Accept), is there any reason the email *couldn’t* be made to contain an RSVP URL that does the same thing as the Accept button, or at least takes you to a page with an Accept button you can click? I don’t know anything about Zimbra in particular, but in general this kind of enhancement does not seem like it ought to be difficult to implement.

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