Email Groups Of Mozillians

Ever wanted to send email to all Mozillians in a region, or the results of some other search? Perhaps if you are thinking of launching a local initiative?

Mozillians doesn’t have that feature, but now you can. If you install my handy Greasemonkey user script in your browser, every page of Mozillians search results will have an “Email All” button at the top. It will also have an “Email Vouched” button, because it seems the search will let you search for only unvouched Mozillians, but not for only vouched Mozillians :-|. So the code does the filtering for you. It should work in all UI languages, but bug reports are welcome.

Once you have the Greasemonkey addon installed, click here to install the user script.

(Note that Mozillians does search results page fetching on demand, so if you want to email everyone matched to a search, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page first and make sure it has loaded them all.)

3 thoughts on “Email Groups Of Mozillians

  1. I am developing a portal for the company I work for. In the portal we have Java applets to display both real-time data and historic data. The applets use JFreeChart classes for the graphs. We have found a problem which only seems to exist in Firefox, the graphs update dynamically getting a feed from the server on regular polled requests, however if two instances of the chart are open only the newest chart gets updates.

    If we run the exact same set-up in IE, it works and both charts update.

  2. Hi Simon,

    I’m not sure why you think this blog is the right place for support requests for Firefox :-) Try . Make sure you are testing both browsers with identical versions of Java from the same vendor.


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