Summer of Code 2012 Outcomes

Every year since it began, Mozilla has been invited to take part in the Google Summer of Code. For the first few years, I wrote a summary of outcomes a few months after the close of the program. Recently, I’ve not had time to do so, but this year I’m back on the wagon.

I’m pleased to say that this year’s Summer of Code was extremely successful. Of the 18 projects (50% more than last year – many thanks, Google!), 17 were successful, and in the case of the other one, an unsuccessful applicant stepped in to complete the work for the love of the code. Now that’s dedication.

I’ve produced a table which lists the 17 successful projects, their original goals, what actually happened, and where you can find the code they wrote. So if there was a project you were following, you can find out what happened to it. The projects ranged widely across Mozilla-related activities, from Firefox to MDN, Instantbird to OpenBadges. Without wanting to upset anyone I don’t mention, particular highlights for me include native support for webapps on Linux in desktop Firefox, an addon to allow users to specify a Content Security Policy for particular sites, and some other improvements to Firefox and Thunderbird which (thanks to our rapid release process) are already shipping and making people’s lives better.

Thanks must go to all the students who took part, to the mentors who took time out to look after them, and to Google for funding and administering the program.

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