Living with Cancer

I recently did an interview for my church, The Crowded House in Sheffield, on my experience living as a Christian with cancer. An edited video of the interview was used as the introduction to a talk called “An Imaginary God in a Suffering World?”, which covered the question of how both Christians and non-Christians try and make sense of the existence and meaning of suffering – because it’s a difficult question wherever you stand.

Gervase Markham’s Story from TCH Sheffield on Vimeo.

You can also hear the talk which followed the video (length: about 38 minutes including Scripture readings).

One thought on “Living with Cancer

  1. Moving piece, Gerv, thanks for sharing. I’ve had the sadness and privilege of seeing various life stances when facing down cancer. We all find different paths through that, but I’m confident your children will be grateful to you for your thoughtfulness, no matter what your future looks like.

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