Newsgroup/Mailing List Sync Fixed

Dave Miller writes:

We’ve had an ongoing issue with the news-to-mail gateway on some of our newsgroups, and today we figured out what was going on and fixed it. Of our 214 gatewayed newsgroups, 74 of them were failing to sync messages from out to the mailing lists. On the other hand (as far as we know), messages from the mailing lists *were* making it to the newsgroups. As best as we can tell, this started happening around May 4th or so, due to a corrupted newsgroup at Giganews that caused the gateway script to crash before completing syncing all of the newsgroups. When the problem was resolved, the newsgroup messages which hadn’t gone to the mailing lists yet all went out at once, so if you subscribe to any of those lists, you may have had a sudden onslaught of email this afternoon. We apologize if that caused anyone any problems.

Full details of the issue, including a list of the affected mailing lists, can be found at

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