Firefox OS Phones Available Worldwide from Friday

Firefox OS has launched in Spain, Poland, Venezuela and Colombia – but not yet here in the UK. However, from Friday ZTE (one of the manufacturers Mozilla is working with) will be selling their “ZTE Open” Firefox OS phone unlocked from their UK and US eBay stores, and it can be purchased worldwide.

They will sell a US-frequencies model from their US store for $79.99, and a UK/EU-frequencies model from their UK store for £59.99. The phone is network unlocked, so you can use it anywhere. It ships with Firefox OS 1.0.1 and can be updated over-the-air.

So if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one, wait no longer :-)

2 thoughts on “Firefox OS Phones Available Worldwide from Friday

  1. I am still looking for information if Firefox OS devices are bootloader unlocked or not. Is there a condition to use the Firefox brand that devices must be owned by the buyer and not by the OEM using locked bootloaders? if not, which are and which aren’t?

  2. Having made enquiries, I’m pleased to confirm that the ZTE Open is bootloader-unlockable. (I don’t have a set of instructions to hand; I’m seeing if some are available. But the process seems fairly similar across phones these days; there are only so many possibilities for the button combo to hold down at boot! :-)

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