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It is not sufficient simply to point to texts that instruct Christians to “pay taxes,” and to conclude on that basis that all taxes are morally legitimate. For Christians are instructed to obey ungodly authorities, too; this instruction does not render those authorities godly, nor their behaviour legitimate.

To construct an adequate Christian political philosophy, each category of governmental action – from welfare provision to healthcare, from the judiciary to the military, from education to public roads and utilities – requires clear biblical justification. The mere absence of a specific biblical prohibition of a certain governmental action is not sufficient, because even if the action considered in itself is morally legitimate (e.g. the education of children), this does not justify the coercive taxation of citizens in order to fund that action without their explicit consent.

Steve Jeffery

One thought on “Yes, All Categories

  1. It’s a difficult one. I’d like to bring a parallel if I may.
    Funly enough, I’ve just sent a couple of e-mails to MPs (Paul Blomfield and Nick Clegg) asking them to rethink their agendas to redefine marriage, which I’m sure is a familiar subject to many.
    On reflecting of my e-mails I just sent, ultimately it is the collective people (i.e. society) that shape the law either directly or indirectly via. voting for that political party – the preview into the political intent in via their manifesto. If an issue is a major reshape of society, not including it into their manifesto prevents the voters from influencing the issue, which is my main point.
    Whilst not directly related to this post, it is my understanding that society shapes society, so it’s important for people to voice up if there are concerns.
    So, my conclusion is that I agree gerv, but I think it’s just as important that we are consulted but also that we shape the society when we have the opportunity to shape it.

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