Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption

Dear Internet,

If you search for “Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption” the first DuckDuckGo hit, titled “Community Ubuntu Documentation”, says: “This article is incomplete, and needs to be expanded”, “Please refer to EncryptedFilesystems for further documentation”, and “WARNING! We use the cryptoloop module in this howto. This module has well-known weaknesses.” Hardly inspiring. The rest of the docs are a maze of outdated and locked-down wiki pages that I can’t fix.

What all of them fail to state is that, as of 12.10, it’s now a simple checkbox in the installer. So I hope this blog post will get some search engine juice so that more people don’t spend hours working out how to do it.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption

  1. I’ve added mention of that to that wiki page. Next Person, please reorganise and tidy the page a little bit. (Hopefully, Next Person, you have more experience of this functionality than I do.)

  2. It is unfortunate but the Documentation Team really does not have the time or manpower to update much of the wiki based documentation and each cycle the level in which it is outdated grows.

    Also article vandalism is an issue!

  3. You seem to have the worst of both worlds at the moment – the team doesn’t have time to update it, and no-one else has the power. Perhaps a comments system? Or the ability to propose changes and have them reviewed?

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