8 thoughts on “Image Sharing for SVG?

  1. Thank you. It seems pretty flaky – one out of two requests returns a 503 server error – but it does work. I hope perhaps someone else may have a more reliable suggestion, though…

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. This will be students uploading images to be used in a Popcorn presentation, so it really needs to be something they can do themselves, fairly quickly. That probably rules out DeviantART – although thanks for your kind offer! And the Wikimedia Commons would require the images to be of value to the Wiki* projects, which these would not be.

    I could use OpenClipArt, although I suspect it’s not really what they are about, either.

  3. http://wikia.com lets you create your own wiki pretty easily. One could be created specifically for the student project. After uploading the SVG images they’d need to get the raw URL for each one instead of the “page” for it to use in popcorn.
    The other good thing is .OGG and .OGA are formats it allows to upload (up to 10MB per file) so they could use it for audio/video parts of popcorn.

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