Uses of the Public Suffix List

For several years, Mozilla has maintained the Public Suffix List, a “map” of responsibilities within the DNS, as a service to the greater Internet community. We originally created it for browsers, but it has seen wider use in a surprising variety of places. There is now renewed interest in replacing it with something DNS-based and more robust. As a precursor to that work, I’m collecting a list of all the things the PSL is used for.

If you are a Mozilla hacker and know of somewhere we are using the PSL that isn’t listed, or if you know of uses of the PSL outside Mozilla, please add them.

5 thoughts on “Uses of the Public Suffix List

  1. Greet! I was never happy with building such a hardcoded list. There are way too many updates that need to be done every month. Do you have any pointer on what is being added to DNS. Is it draft-sullivan-domain-origin-assert (SOPA records) ?

  2. There’s a BoF (“dbound”) at IETF in London in March. I’m planning to go to that and see what people are suggesting. I see my role as helping them define the problem to be solved, rather than choosing the best way to solve it.

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