Firefox OS Brand Requirements Brown Bag: Today, 9am PDT (4pm UTC)

[Update: A recording is available for vouched Mozillians]

Late-breaking news – spread the word to anyone interested in the requirements we put on carriers in order to sell phones branded Firefox OS; i.e. the way we bring our values into the mobile world.

Pete Scanlon writes:

Hello Mozilla Community

Wanted to extend an invitation to have you join a brown bag session tomorrow[today — Gerv], March 25th at 9am PDT to discuss the requirements for device manufacturer and network operator partners to use the Firefox OS name and word mark in their efforts to bring the mobile web to more people in more places.

Given the size of the opportunity and the associated scope, we will focus our conversation on the level of devices that represent a web based operating system only. This group includes smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, and the emerging “Internet of Things” category.

The discussion will be live streamed on Air Mozilla for all Mozillians (you will need to sign in with your LDAP[Mozillians, I hope — Gerv] credentials) and will be available afterward for your reference.

Join us on IRC in the #townhall channel. [There’s a password; ask a staff member who got the original email — Gerv].

Many thanks for your interest.

Pete Scanlon

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