Using Deja Dup (Ubuntu Built-In Backup) with

This is one of those posts which is trying to save other people the hassle I’ve had.

Ubuntu One is shutting down. So I want to switch some backups over to use my account. With U1, I used Ubuntu’s built in backup system, which is based on a program called Deja Dup. I would like to use that program with too.

However, Deja Dup auto-prepends a “/” to the beginning of the path you give it. (There’s a bug on this behaviour.) And I don’t have root on the server. (A good thing.)

So, in order to use Deja Dup with a server where you don’t have root, you need to find and give it a full path. Execute:

ssh pwd

(where 42 is your user number, and ch-s001 your server name) to find out the path to your home directory, and then, in the Deja Dup settings, prepend that to the name of the directory you want to store your backups in. You’ll also need to set up passwordless login.

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  1. Yes, it works well for simple scenarios, as long as you can persuade it to connect to the remote system. Yes, I use Ubuntu :-)

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