Samuel David Markham

I am overjoyed to announce the birth of our third son, Samuel David Markham, at 9.01am on the morning of 28th January 2015, weighing 8lb 0oz. Mother, father, baby and older brothers are all well :-)

He is called Samuel after:

  • The prophet and leader Samuel, who was called into God’s service at an early age, as recorded in the book of 1 Samuel;
  • Samuel Rutherford (1600 – 1661), a Scottish minister and representative at the Westminster Assembly, whose book Lex, Rex contains arguments foundational to a Christian understanding of good government;
  • Samuel Davies (1723 – 1761), American non-conformist preacher, evangelist and hymn writer, who showed we are all equal in God’s sight by welcoming black and white, slave and free to the same Communion table;
  • Samuel Crowther (1809 – 1891), the first black Anglican bishop in Africa, who persevered against unjust opposition and translated the Bible into Yoruba.

He is called David primarily after the King David in the Bible, who was “a man after God’s own heart” (a fact recorded in the book of 1 Samuel, 13:14).

10 thoughts on “Samuel David Markham

  1. Big congratulations to you and Ruth, and glad that everybody’s well. Lovely happy photo of you all there – definitely looks like you’ve got your work cut out now :-)

    And what a good time to visit your blog for the first time in ages – and that only because I saw a photo of today’s snow in Sheffield and thought of you…

  2. Congratulations and the best wishes to your growing family.

    I hope they will during their life time reach a world where nobody tells them that feminism is more important than religious believes.

  3. Many congratulations! I have a brother called Samuel David, so I can’t help liking the name. And what a lovely photo of the family.

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