Firefox Quantum: Fast for Good

Today, we launch Firefox 57 “Quantum” – the culmination of a year’s work to rebuild Firefox from the inside out as a “flipping fast”, standards-compliant, user-centric browser which takes maximum advantage of modern computers. If you haven’t tried Firefox in a while, now is the time to give it another go.

Get it here.

5 thoughts on “Firefox Quantum: Fast for Good

  1. Fix your browser, the extensions are what made Firefox better now they are unusable. The text at the header of the browser and the bookmarks and all that is super small, and you killed the only extension that fixed it. Who cares if it’s faster if it’s a pain in the ass to use. It’s not a hard concept ease of use and speed together. Customization and function are what people want. I’ve posted this same issue all over your FB but no reply, and you had the nerve to mark one of my posts as spam.

  2. The UI text in our UI is the same as other applications on your computer; if that’s too small for you, there will be OS-level settings which change the size of the text in all applications, which are the appropriate way to fix the problem.

  3. So far, performance on newer hardware is good. But with new branding, HTML document icon has dark blue/black background. That is an eye-sore ugly and contrasts with every other document that resides on my desktop. Could Firefox change it to have white/light background similar to all other apps or add another icon to the executable for people to change it manually?

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