What I Do

Chris Chernesky asked in the comments what else I do apart from Mozilla stuff.

I’m a member of the core Bugzilla team, with a particular responsibility for Reporting and Charting. I maintain the DSMLTools, and Patch Maker. I also have a strong interest in usability.

My day job is working for a medium-sized software company called Data Connection, and my current project is a data conferencing server.

As you may have noticed, I’m a Christian (here’s why). My local church family is Enfield Evangelical Free Church, here in Enfield, North London, UK. We used to have a website but it seems to have disappeared at the moment. We’re currently meeting in a school because our building has been compulsorily purchased by the council to build a multi-storey car park and shopping centre. But that’s OK – God’s got it all under control, and I’m sure we’ll have a new permanent place to meet in a few years time.

More about me can be found on gerv.net.

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