0 Gmail Invites To Give Away

I don’t want a Gmail account… but how come everyone else seems to be getting loads of invites to give away, and I only ever got one (early on, before all this trading started)?

Where do they all come from? And why don’t I get any? <sulk>


10 thoughts on “0 Gmail Invites To Give Away

  1. Don’t be sad. You are perhaps confusing the concept of “getting an invite” to join GMail and “being given the opportunity to invite others”

    It appears GMail is trying to grow organically, (or similar to a nuclear chain reaction) i.e. GMail users get invites to send to people and those new members get invites in turn (after a short period).

    It sounds like you got an invite from someone else and didn’t accept it. If you did you would likely have been given many invites to give away by now.

  2. After relentless inviting, I signed up for gmail last week. I now have invites to give out myself (I haven’t bothered, because everyone else is…)

    Google seem to be handing them out at an ever increasing rate…

  3. i also suspect that the more you use the service, the more email they give you, and the more invites you use, the more you get.

    so my theory is that invites are a reward of sorts.

  4. Rob: why would you want firefox when you have IE with google toolbar and popup blocker?

    You cant appreciate it without using it. Someone who’s never heard of tabbed browsing will not appreciate it until they use/see it. Someone who’s not seen labels/all mail concept will not appreciate it until using it.

  5. vfwlkr: What he said was more something like “Why should I use Camino when I have Firefox?”

  6. vfwlkr

    Good point, but I’m on dial up which rarely manages better than 33Kbps, so am suspicious of webmail in general.

    Incidentally, I use Gecko because in my experience with my dialup connection, IE takes sooooo long to render a complex table!

    I admit that I’m intrigued by what “labels” brings to the system. At the moment, I store all my sent and recieved mail in one folder and use Thunderbird’s search facility to find what I’m looking for. I’m not sure that I’ve got the patience to assign labels to any given email unless it happens automatically?

  7. Well I finished giving out my invitations two days ago and I haven’t had any more (and it seems Asa also hasn’t got any).

  8. Hey Guys!

    If any of you have anymore invites could you invite me? My email adress is msmichelleyoung@hotmail.com I would be forever grateful and try to hook you up if I have anything (free magazine subscriptions..etc in the future?) Or you can IM me at Michelleezy

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I would be forever grateful!

  9. My brother got it and he wont invite me, can you pleaseee invite me, i will reallly appreciate, thx so much, and email me asap, thx, hope you ssay ok, and if not…its k…ill just cower up in this dark corner and weep, hha, jk, but really, if u can spare invite for me itll be ggreat, thx.