We Wuz Robbed

It would appear that there’s now a new FIFA rule – goals are disallowed if you foul your own teammates in the process of scoring them.

On the other hand, we played the second half exactly like against France – defended far too deep for far too long. But this time, the opposition didn’t wait until the 90th minute to score.

10 thoughts on “We Wuz Robbed

  1. In two years you`ll be here in Germany. This means there will be more chances to get bear in different flavors and to get into brawls of different flavors ;)
    Anyways it is forbidden to even touch the keeper in the 5m zone as long as the ball is in play. Actually the keeper was more than just touched in this case.

    This was a brilliant match, really incredibel. It deserved 2 winners but obviosly couldn`t have. I wish the German team would play this good. (You might say I�m a dreamer…)

  2. Only one team can win.
    Portugal scored more goals than England.
    Portugal won.

    Was the goalkeeper was fouled or not – it doesn’t matter. The referee estimated that he was fouled, no appeal or bad excuse can remake that decision.

    The game was great to watch.
    Let’s hope tonights game is a exciting !

  3. Couldn’t stand Chris Moyles this morning. I was hoping to wake up and for the last night to all be a dream. But no. Although I did consider texting in…

  4. David Beckham just needs to learn how to shoot penalty kicks. That would have solved many problems.

  5. Resting your arm on someone’s shoulder is a foul. Being stood on so that your boot comes off is a foul. Climbing on people is not.

    If the Portugese had the slightest inkling that their goalkeeper had been fouled, and even if they didn’t, their arms would have been raised in protest. Both teams and the linesman thought it was a goal.

    Where’s Pierluigi Collina when you need him?

  6. >Resting your arm on someone’s shoulder is a foul. Being stood on so that your boot comes off is a foul. Climbing on people is not.

    Climbing on people is a foul, ift it is not an team member. Nobdy climbed on the keeper, so that`s not the problem.
    Take a look at the picutres linked in a post above. Ter is obvoisly one english player holding the keeper. In the goal area (5m zone). Thats forbidden.

  7. Oh, come on. View the replay in motion on video. There’s no way that John Terry meant to foul the keeper, and there’s no way that their contact prevented the keeper from getting the ball. He was nowhere near it.

    In addition, when the ref was asked what the problem was at the end of normal time, he made a pushing motion and mouthed “there was a push”. There was obviously no push.

  8. As a bitter Scot, one can only admit to feeling extreme satisfaction (again) at watching England fail miserably (again. How many times do we have to listen to the nonsense (and it is) that England are the greatest team in the world and that this is “their tournament”? I’m planning my holidays for 6 months for 2006 because “it’s teh 40th anniversary of when we last won the world cup, and it’s in Germany – this will be our tournament”. Bring it on – it keeps me laughing.

    Face up to it people – David James is a numpty keeper, John Terry is a waste of space, Campbell is too slow, Beckham is off his game (and has been all season), Gerrard is not in the same class as Viera and Rooney – hahahaha. He’s overweight and any body could get him sent off by merely kicking him (not advocating this but he’s clearly got a problem). Sven’s not your man either – you should have got a German (but not Berti…) like Otto Rehagel, the Greek coach.

    Ingerland’s going home, you’re going home

    Good to see you at lunch Gervase.