Some of you may remember how the Eolas suit over plugins caused Microsoft to release a modified version of IE 6 which presented a popup whenever it encountered a plugin. This had the side effect of getting Microsoft to reveal a way of installing multiple IEs on the same machine.

I was reminded recently (when recommending this technique to someone) that what really annoyed me about this is that the ability has been available for many years (it works back to IE 4) and yet, despite the fact that they must have known it would make web developers’ lives much easier, Microsoft never told anyone about it… Grr.

One thought on “Multipl-IE-ing

  1. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that this application_name.local things is a feature that is documented and has been introduced in XP to force the OS to load all the dll for an application from the same directory as the application, and not from system32, even “Known DLL”.

    I just can’t find the pointer back to that info.