Who To Vote For

I promised last month that I’d tell you who I’d be voting for in the European elections. I’m glad I didn’t tell you then, because I’ve changed my mind since.

Alan Cox has written an open letter about software patents and the upcoming EU elections on June 10th. It makes the point that this is our one chance to send a message that politicians can’t ignore, and to elect parties who will support an anti-software-patent stance.

The two parties which have such a stance are the UK Independence Party and the Green-EFA alliance (Green Party, Plaid Cymru and friends). So, if you are fan of further European integration, vote Green and, if not, vote UKIP.

Software patents are the most dangerous threat to free software worldwide – without exception. Our stuff is so good that the only way the competition can stop it is resorting to the law. Patents are monopolies on ideas, and are their best weapon.

So, if you live in Europe and value your freedom to hack, stop doing it on June 10th for an hour, get out there and vote.

5 thoughts on “Who To Vote For

  1. Software patents and the EU

    Much has been said about software patenting in the EU. The bigwigs in Brussels recently voted to adopt US-style legislation, that would allow software and algorithms to be patented.

  2. The LibDems voted in favour of software patents last September. Their MEPs just don’t get it. Their letters to constituents show that they are clueless.

    They also voted in favour of IPRED and against all limiting amendments.

    A Disillusioned LibDem