Mountain Climbing

Gemma has followed aebrahim and jesus_x with her thoughts on the recent discussions about the nature of God. A must-read.

I sometimes think of learning about God by studying the Bible as like climbing a mountain. It’s hard work, but the higher up you get, the more impressive and amazing the view is. I’ve just finished studying Hebrews over a year with some friends, and I feel I’ve got a much better view of God’s redemptive plan over the whole of history. But what’s particularly exhilarating and encouraging is when you realise that there’s someone else standing there, admiring it with you.

So much so, in fact, that only three things prevent me jumping on the next plane to JFK with a large bunch of red roses. a) she’s engaged, b) she (wisely) doesn’t reveal her address, and c) she doesn’t use capital letters when she writes. So (particularly because of that last point) it could never be.

But, I know we will meet eventually, and I’ll be able to thank her in person.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing

  1. have to say that’s the most ingenius (yet bizarre) web design I have ever seen

  2. Gerv: You’re welcome–I’m so glad people have found it worthwhile. Thanks for the support. (Look look, capital letters, just for your comment box! ;p)

    arielb: glad you like it. *grin*