A Year of Progress

The Mozilla Foundation is a year old today, and so I think it’s appropriate that we take a moment to look back at all we’ve achieved.

At the time of the Founding, things were in a pretty sorry state. Firefox was still called Phoenix, Thunderbird was known as Minotaur, Sunbird didn’t have a name at all, and Chimera was taking its first tottering steps as Camino. In the last year, we’ve successfully managed to change all those names, some of them twice! And we’ve even written tools so you too can do this in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Truly, a year of progress.

Update: OK. A year and a half of progress. I got my dates slightly out. Pendants ;-)

5 thoughts on “A Year of Progress

  1. grayrest: I live in the UK and am fairly certain that the British year where I am is the same length as the British year in Gerv’s fictional county of Middlesex. In fact, I believe Gerv is located fewer than ten miles due north of me. No doubt he’ll be looking to increase that distance now though.