Relicensing Help Wanted

As many of you know, is in the process of relicensing the Mozilla codebase under the MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-licence. This process started in autumn 2001, and is still not finished.

In previous stages, I’ve had a fantastic amount of help from other people, and I now find myself needing to call on your help again.

We have a relicensing script (in Python; orginally written by Scott Collins, now re-written and maintained by Trent Mick of ActiveState) which has done most of the hard work. Today, 92.82% of the code in a nmake -f pull_all is either tri-licensed or has no license (and therefore, I assert, assumes the licence of the code around it; we may make this more clear eventually). A further 5.41% is code which has been relicensed on the tip, but Mozilla currently uses an older branch (c-sdk/ and security/). This problem will go away in time. So we have 2% or so left.

However, those left are nasty or irregular in some way. So, I am looking for people who I can give a list of files to, and they will check the license on them and, if necessary, produce patches to make those files tri-licensed. There are 785 files in the Mozilla part alone (before we get to Firefox, Thunderbird and Camino) – which is a lot of work for one me, but not very much work for 20 of you. :-)

So, if you are capable of pulling the Mozilla CVS tree and making patches without needing your hand held, and have an hour or two to spare to help us reach this goal, please get in touch. Thanks!

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