Not All Geeks Are Fat

My EuroFoo t-shirt (“one size fits all”) is an XL, and comes down to not far above my knees. Could I issue a plea to organisers of conferences and other t-shirt give-aways – can we either:

  1. get only small ones half the time, and tell everyone else to diet;

  2. have at least two possible sizes?

I know multiple sizes is a little more expensive, but otherwise short, (fairly) thin geeks like me get ill-fitting clothes every time, because organisers always err on the side of “tent-like”.

Thanks :-)

6 thoughts on “Not All Geeks Are Fat

  1. they err to the tent-linke side because slim people can get into wide t-shirts – wide people on the other hand CAN’t get into slim t-shirts.

  2. I’ve noticed that t-shirt sizes have gotten larger in the past few years.

    I used to buy XL because L was too tight around the shoulders and not long enough (I’m 6′ and ~155 lbs). Now the XL has expanded to be swimmingly big, and the L fits almost perfectly universally.

  3. After seeing “Super Size Me”, options 1 sounds more and more like a good idea :-)