4 thoughts on “Firefox Takes Off

  1. Whils this is very very impressive I couldn’t help but noticed that the 2x gain is not reflected in the number of visits.. only in the number of hits, files and pages. Does this mean that the faithful crowd are clicking more pages or that a new small crowd has arrived and clicked a hell of a lot of content?

  2. The number of pages per day hasn’t doubled either, although it’s increased a fair bit.

    So I guess it’s partly a result of the new site having more CSS/JS/image files per page.

    Hits are only really comparable if you don’t change the site (not that page views or visits are perfect measures either)

  3. I’ve looked at awstats, and it really has nothing really new that The Webalizer with a good configuration file doesn’t. (Yes, you can get a breakup of visitors by both browser and OS with The Webalizer.)

    For example, awstats.sourceforge.com had a spike in hits in August compared to other months, but there’s nothing in awstats that tells you *why* there was a huge spike of hits (or even gives a clue). You have to look at the log files to find this out, which is only feasible on small sites.