Bugzilla 2.18 Released

At last, after around two and a half years of development, we’ve finally released Bugzilla 2.18. My two major contributions to this release were Generic Reporting (a much more powerful way of getting reports of the current state of Bugzilla) and Generic Charting (a way of getting Bugzilla to store data for and later plot an arbitrary query over time). The latter is somewhat less polished than the former; I suspect some more work is going to have to go into that over the next few weeks :-|

My initial implementation was in some ways overcomplicated – it suffered from premature optimisation – and in some ways not complicated enough, for example it didn’t have any access control. Lessons learnt :-)

Note: bugzilla.mozilla.org is currently running version 2.19.1+ of Bugzilla – i.e. the trunk from a few weeks ago. It therefore has a few features which the 2.18 release does not. 2.20, the stable release corresponding to the 2.19 development series, will freeze in mid-March for a release sometime in June. In the future, the Bugzilla team hopes to release a new stable version every six months or so.

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