Hendrix Updated

I’ve updated Hendrix taking into account a lot of feedback which has been given. The new stylesheet is based on planet.mozilla.org’s one, and was written by KDS Sahambi – thanks to him for that. More stylesheet ideas would be welcome; just add the &stylesheet=<path> parameter to try out your own.

Please bang on it again, and let me know of any further changes you think might need making.

4 thoughts on “Hendrix Updated

  1. hm… I really think the name should be optional, if we have a field for it at all. it does not provide much of a value, imo.

  2. Using a browser window with a width of about 900 pixels or less makes the page look pretty bad (the form fields end up on top of the float div and image). I believe a width less than 900px is quite common: 1024 is the most common screen size, many people don’t use their browsers maximized and many also keep a sidebar open while they browse.

    Otherwise it looks good (now that you took care of the wrapping issue).

  3. I’ve had a look at the stuff coming in through Hendrix, and despite the ‘don’t expect a response’ warning there’s a fair few support requests, and other queries that could do with a response.
    case in point, http://groups-beta.google.com/group/netscape.public.mozilla.test/msg/a54fbdb3fad0e4b3
    So I think either there should be a link from Hendrix directing people to the MozillaZine forums if they have a would like a response, or some way for community people to reply to people’s questions.