Fancy earning $18,500 a month ($222,000 a year) tax free, as part of a team of eight people working for a secretive organisation, living on an island in the Mediterranean and hacking on Mozilla? Then HJ has a job offer for you.

– you better inform us about who you are and what you did in the past, because we will get a hold on it anyways.

There’s only one plausible explanation. You will be coding Mafiazilla.

7 thoughts on “Mafiazilla?

  1. WHY am I not a Mozilla developer??

    (Well, because I know nada about coding.)

    But seriously, is this serious? 18,500 per month for some hacking? Mediterranean hacking, too.

  2. Well, your are supposed to fly via germany.

    Did you now that HJ (the poster) is the abbreviation for the german “Hitler Jugend”, the Nazi Youth Organization in the 3. Reich?

    Not that this necessarily means anything… but you never know.
    Nazis might be taking over Mozilla!
    So no Mafiazilla – Nazilla!

  3. Look closer… :-)

    “This looks too nice to be true, is this for real?

    – No, and please don’t apply for a job, I was only kidding, but for the
    rest of us, please send me your CV’s guys :-) ”

  4. Gervase Markham,

    You must be having serious mental problems, because if I worked for the
    mafia, you would be dead already, but I’m not!

    Here are some facts:

    The contractor is looking for some good developers and this is a
    Spanish company working for goverments all around the globe, not some
    mafia like you suggested, what a joke.

    This company is willing to pay up to a maximum of �12.500 or $16,250
    for high profile developers, with a proven track record.

    Note that this number isn’t that strange, because I for example work up
    to 18 hours a day, and that needs to be compensated in either money or
    time (I take time above extra money, because I do have four kids and
    don’t need the extra money).

    The company is offering an additional compensation, up to a maximum of
    $2.250, for example for people with kids, like me, because you will be
    away from home for months, and this is just something that any other
    employer should do, and I know that you havn’t been away for months, for
    a real job, like Navy people.

    So, tell me, why is working on Ibiza something bad? Afterall, this is
    a Spanish company, and I had a say in the location. Well, that was easy
    for me, because I like to spent some time with my kids on Ibiza during
    their holidays, which is much cheaper, instead of buying four tickets to
    the US.


  5. HJ: I was joking :-) I don’t think you are recruiting for a Mafia project. Although, to be honest, the last paragraph of your message made a lot of people think that you were joking, and that the offer wasn’t serious… see Matt’s comment, for example.

  6. Yeah, that must be it, but I’d like you (and matt) to look at the job requirements again; search for ‘humor’, because working long hours can also be so boring :-)