The Stone

Last night, I went to a Gathering in London for players of “The Stone“, an internet mystery game involving solving a load of cryptic pictorial puzzles, which are all smaller pieces of a wider framework which is slowly being revealed. Since it launched back in the last century, a real community has built up around the game, which is extremely well designed and implemented.

The Gathering was to watch a film about the community called “Stoners“, made by Rod Bruinooge, original creator of The Stone.

If you are into puzzles, I’d invite you to come and join. It’s tough, but it’s great fun, and you get to meet a more… unusual type of person.

3 thoughts on “The Stone

  1. Must be an interresting group of people, who meet at night to puzzle. I bet the Stoners are pretty hackerminded.

    Well if I would live in London I would like to join.
    Unfortunatly I am not in London and have to stay in my own secret fellowship, which is working on solutions as well.

  2. There are Stoners all over the world, and there have been Gatherings in several countries (although primarily the USA, UK and Canada). You certainly don’t need to live in a particular place to take part.

  3. I bought a stone not long after they started (or after they came here to Norway). I love puzzels and are a big fan of the Myst series, Zork: Nemesis, and othe puzzel-based games, but I couldn’t solve a single puzzel at The Stone. I would like to try again now, but I can’t remember the login info.. :)