New Mozilla Store Coming

The Mozilla Store has temporarily closed for renovations; when we reopen, we hope to have new products and global delivery options. I’m really excited :-)

Those of you who have existing orders, they should be fulfilled. If you have any problems outstanding, there are contact details available for you to raise your issue, soon including a toll-free number (in North America).

6 thoughts on “New Mozilla Store Coming

  1. I ordered 2 mugs, and when I finally got them, one was broken, the ear was off. I mailed them about this (over one month ago) but never got a reply.

    2 weeks after my email, i got an email from them asking if I was happy with their service(?).

    I really hope they provide better service in the future.

  2. I just hope that they can deliver from europe.. then I will definitely order something.. now there is just to much tax & shipping involved