Off to XTech

The Mozilla Foundation is co-sponsoring XTech in Amsterdam this week, and so I’m going over there for Wednesday to Friday. Although the talks will no doubt be excellent, one of my primary reasons for going is to finally meet face to face people I’ve been working with for months or years.

Those of us who have been online for a long time often forget how weird this is. Sometimes, I tell people what I spend a lot of my time doing, and they ask “So, have you ever actually met any of these people?”, as if you could all be axe murderers, and it’s not possible to know or trust someone unless you’ve looked into their eyes. Thinking about it, I know many people in the Mozilla project better than the guy who sits three desks down in my office

2 thoughts on “Off to XTech

  1. I’ve got to go to something… sometime…. yea, definately.

    Seems everything is out on the West Coast, or Europe.

    Perhaps one day a NYC convention.

  2. Yeah. Last night I sat down at a table with dbaron and 4 strangers. Then they introduced themselves: Pike, Hixie, peterv and sicking — and I’ve known them for years.