Bugzilla 300,000 Bug Sweepstake Results

bugzilla.mozilla.org bug 300,000 was filed on 2005-07-07 at 13:54 ZST by long-time Mozilla contributor ‘timeless’. Of all the entrants in the 300,000 bug sweepstake, the person who guessed closest was Takeshi Nishimura, who guessed 2005-07-07 07:06 – over a period of nearly 4 months, he was only 6 hours, 48 minutes out!

Update 2005-07-08: Takeshi told me how he got involved in the project. “I was enjoying Firefox and one day I recommended it to my wife. Unfortunately she complained about some bugs. I found these were filed as bug 175787 and bug 271359 but no patches. I fought with the source code and presented patches. I’m continuously working on Firefox’s other odd things, especially on favicons.”

The runners-up were David Naylor (5 days, 31 minutes out) and Peter Lairo (5 days, 17 hours, 58 minutes out).

There were 60 entries. Of those, one person entered a date which was about a year in the past, two entered dates only a few days in the future, and several people submitted entries with my email address as the entry name! Takeshi’s entry was chronologically number 54; so most people under-estimated how long it would take for us to reach this milestone. That is to say, bug filing seems to have slowed in the past quarter. Perhaps Hendrix is having some effect.

And, because someone always gets this wrong: there is no correlation between the number of bugs in your bug system and the bugginess of your current product. If that were true, then every product we’ve ever made would have been getting steadily buggier since its inception, which is clearly nonsense. The number of bugs in a bug system is a function of the amount of time it’s been running (7 years), the number of products tracked (currently 5 major ones, with many other smaller ones and components), and the size, vibrancy and tenacity of the bug-filing community. So, everyone who’s ever filed a useful bug should give themselves a pat on the back.

12 thoughts on “Bugzilla 300,000 Bug Sweepstake Results

  1. Perhaps Hendrix is having some effect.

    I’d bet money that the reason this happened is that everyone forgot about the bug reporting slowdown that occurred because we hit summertime. I know I definitely didn’t consider any such slowdown when I made my prediction, and I don’t doubt others did likewise.

  2. @Jeff: i actually did consider this slowdown ;), i was one of two people who had a date in the future (20th of July).

  3. The slowdown may also be related to the time of year.

    In countries where the summer is warm and the winter is cold, people usually spend less time inside in front of the computer during the summer.

  4. Argh! If only I hadn’t submitted my entry a couple of hours too late! :-)

    2005-07-07 10:00:00 – was my prediction! ;-) Only 3 hours out.

    Oh well, that’ll teach me to pay more attention to the entry deadline for the 400,000th bug sweepstake.

  5. I mean, Hendrix uses the newsgroup. There could be some kind of “trouble ticket” system for real “support”, but mozillazine could host that. They just have to get around to it.

    People are posting support requests to hendrix and expecting to get a response, and yet not all post their email. That’s all, really. Otherwise for anonymous comments it’s cool.

  6. Hahaha, Gerv, thanks…has it always been there? I guess I’d somehow take the MozZine article in my head and blocked everything else out!