Eureka Moment – Thunderbird Default Browser

It’s been driving me mad for months why sometimes when I click on a URL in Thunderbird it opens it in Firefox, and sometimes it opens it in Epiphany or Galeon or something like that (even though I use KDE). I couldn’t see a pattern – was it to do with whether it was a body URL or in the header? Was it particular sites (Bugzilla seemed never to work)? I finally figured it out; it’s down to this small but important sentence in the instructions:

Repeat [this configuration change] for each protocol you want Thunderbird to dispatch (https, ftp, etc.).

So http:// URLs were being correctly dispatched, but https:// ones (including, of course, Bugzilla) were not. If anyone else is similarly incapable of following instructions, perhaps this blog post might help them.

3 thoughts on “Eureka Moment – Thunderbird Default Browser

  1. Gerv, I think you were looking for this a few months back. I wanted to do this for Linux and found the methods to set preferences to do this. It has worked pretty fine till now. I comment on one of your blog posts then with details.

    And yes, those intructions work for me in KDE without fail.

  2. I don’t have this problem, but thank you for linking to that page. When I upgraded to Gnome 2.10, the preferred application for the web browser got reset, and after that every time I clicked a link in any other application, it tried to open firefox in a new profile. I knew there was something I had to add to the path to firefox, but couldn’t remember what it was. When I saw %s on that page, though, it clicked into place, and now everything’s back to normal. :-)