If you work, or someone you know works for the system administration team at the ISP, who I believe are part of 1 & 1, please can you get in touch? I have a question about the SSL configuration on sites they host, and I can’t read German.

Thanks. :-)

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  1. I believe that 1and1 are a reseller of domain names for Schlund, not the other way round. Hosting is probably done by 1and1. (At least that’s how it is with the six domains registered with 1and1 that I have access to).

  2. I don’t know people who work for schlund, but I can translate from German. Mail me, if you want.

  3. For the record: Schlund & Partners and 1&1 are not sub-companies one way or the other – they are both part of the “United Internet” holding. Schlund provides business-class hosting (on their own), but also serves as the domain registrar (DENIC member) for the whole group, whereas 1 & 1 is a consumer-oriented hosting provider.

  4. Um, I hate to be rude, but why not just tell google to translate it? Of course it won’t be perfect, but it’ll get you to the info want, won’t it?

  5. It’s not just a matter of translation – I’d rather like to get to the right guy without going through five layers of technical phone support in German.