Nvu Tutorial

As Daniel is on holiday (and, given that he’s just released Nvu 1.0, he’ll probably be away for a month or more ;-), I should point out this Nvu Tutorial which is running on thesitewizard.com. There’s four chapters so far.

4 thoughts on “Nvu Tutorial

  1. KDS is right about the thing that Nvu is so easy, that a tutorial shouldn’t be needed, in my opinion.
    Nevertheless, this is good news, because this tutorial might mean that people are going to use Nvu instead of an other WYSIWYG editor. Maybe, there are still some people afraid of making the switch, because the don’t understand all the functions etc.

  2. Just a quick check on my web server log shows me that NvuTutorial has been downloaded more than 150 times since 10 July’05 till now. This does not include the downloads from nvu.com, or other web sites where it or its localizations might be hosted. I would say that this indicates new users are altleast trying out Nvu.

    A better indicator of the usage of Nvu was the generated by first-time-use pings. Unfortunately, it has been taken down due to concerns about bandwidth.